Fake Space X Contests on YouTube: Scammers Posing as Elon Musk

A Wave of Fake YouTube Scams Related to Alleged SpaceX Contests

On April 8th, a dangerous wave of fake scams related to alleged SpaceX contests appeared on the YouTube platform. Scammers used a solar eclipse as a pretext for their dishonest activities, impersonating the founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk.

Shocking Methods of Scammers’ Operation

The scams were noticed by the research group Mysk, which observed that a verified YouTube account was live streaming a solar eclipse. The video, titled “Live: Solar Eclipse Spectacular 2024 of SpaceX,” aimed to show a fake appearance of Elon Musk, encouraging users to participate in a contest.

In a shocking manner, the fake Musk urged viewers to scan a QR code and deposit cryptocurrencies, promising to double the funds. After scanning the QR code, users were redirected to the scammer’s website, where they could make transactions in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other well-known cryptocurrencies.

The Scale of Scams and the Popularity of Live Streams

According to the Mysk research group, the live stream was one of the top search results for the keyword “solar eclipse livestream.” At the peak of the live stream, the number of viewers exceeded 95,000 people. Furthermore, another live stream, noted by user Jason Paladino, gathered over 164,000 viewers, indicating significant interest and popularity in such scams.

History of Similar Scam Cases

Unfortunately, these types of cryptocurrency-related scams are not new. Last year, a similar scheme allowed scammers to extort up to $165,000 from unsuspecting users. Other personalities, such as Steve Wozniak and Vitalik Buterin, have also fallen victim to fake contests and scams on popular online platforms.


Scammers continually refine their methods by impersonating known figures and companies to swindle money from innocent users. It is essential to exercise caution when using the internet and avoid suspicious cryptocurrency transactions. Combating online scams requires collective vigilance and awareness within the online community.