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Since: 2017

Markets: 640

Cryptocurrencies: 316

Fee: 0.10%

Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, PLN, +42



OKX, previously known as OKEx, is one of the leading global cryptocurrency exchanges, offering a broad range of financial services in the world of digital assets. Founded in 2014, OKX has gained recognition in the international market for its innovative platform, extensive trading offerings, and commitment to the development of the blockchain ecosystem.

Development and Characteristics

Headquartered in Malta, OKX initially focused on the Asian market but quickly expanded its operations globally. The exchange is known for introducing innovative products, including futures and perpetual swaps trading, as well as offering diverse options for trading cryptocurrencies, DeFi tokens, and other digital assets.

Features and Offerings

OKX provides an advanced trading platform with a wide range of instruments, including spot trading, futures, options, as well as staking and lending of cryptocurrencies. The exchange is also known for its high liquidity, which is crucial for efficient trading. OKX continually expands its offerings, introducing new tokens and financial products to meet the expectations of diverse investors.

Security and Regulations

Security on OKX is taken with utmost seriousness. The exchange employs several security measures, including cold storage, encryption systems, and two-factor authentication. OKX also adheres to international regulatory standards, ensuring transparency and compliance of its operations.

User Support and Education

OKX actively supports its users by offering rich educational resources, including guides, tutorials, and market analyses. The platform also provides 24/7 customer support, which is essential in the fast-changing world of cryptocurrencies.


OKX stands as a key player in the world of cryptocurrency trading, offering not just an advanced trading platform, but also a wide range of financial products. With a strong emphasis on innovation, security, and user support, OKX attracts both beginners and experienced traders, becoming one of the leading platforms in the global cryptocurrency market.