Huobi (HTX)


Since: 2013

Markets: 805

Cryptocurrencies: 652

Fee: 0.2%

Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, PLN, +46



Huobi, founded in 2013 in China, quickly grew into one of the leading global cryptocurrency exchanges. Known for its wide range of available digital assets, advanced trading tools, and strong emphasis on security, Huobi has become a key player in the cryptocurrency market, serving millions of users worldwide.

History and Expansion

Initially founded by Leon Li, Huobi started as a cryptocurrency exchange in China, rapidly gaining popularity and expanding its operations to the international arena. Through its Huobi Global platform, the exchange provides access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens, serving the diverse needs of investors and traders around the world.

Features and Offerings

Huobi offers a rich array of services, including spot, margin trading, as well as futures and options on cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the platform offers unique features such as the Huobi Token (HT), which allows users to obtain discounts on transaction fees and participate in decisions about the exchange’s development. Huobi is also actively engaged in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, offering users access to innovative financial products.

Security and Regulations

Security is a priority for Huobi. The exchange employs multi-level security systems, including cold storage, advanced encryption protocols, and two-factor authentication. Huobi also adheres to financial regulations in various jurisdictions, ensuring operational compliance and user protection.

User Support and Community

Huobi focuses on high-quality customer support and education. The platform offers extensive assistance, including FAQs, guides, and 24/7 support. Moreover, Huobi maintains active online communities, organizes webinars and educational workshops, allowing users to deepen their knowledge of cryptocurrencies and the market.


As one of the leaders in the cryptocurrency industry, Huobi continues to evolve, offering advanced trading solutions, a wide range of digital assets, and reliable support for its users. With its global reach, innovation, and commitment to security, Huobi is the choice of many investors and traders looking for a solid and trusted platform for cryptocurrency trading.