Since: 2013

Markets: 3268

Cryptocurrencies: 1893

Fee: 0.09%

Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, PLN, +18



Gate.io, founded in 2013, is one of the oldest and most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Known for its pioneering approach to innovation and a wide range of offered assets, Gate.io has gained recognition among investors and cryptocurrency traders as an advanced, secure, and reliable trading platform.

Development and Expansion

Gate.io began its operation when the cryptocurrency market was still in its infancy. From the very beginning, it focused on innovation and providing users with advanced trading tools. Over time, the exchange expanded its offerings to include new cryptocurrencies and tokens, constantly adapting to the rapidly changing trends and needs of the market.

Features and Offerings

Gate.io stands out with its rich offering of over 800 cryptocurrencies and tokens, making it one of the exchanges with the widest range of available assets. The platform offers both spot and futures trading, as well as innovative products such as liquidity pools, staking, and blockchain-based financial products. Additionally, Gate.io offers unique features like algorithmic trading and IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings) through its platform system, Gate.io Startup.

Security and Regulations

Security is a key element of Gate.io’s operations. The exchange employs advanced security technologies, including cold wallets, encryption systems, and two-factor authentication. Gate.io consistently adheres to international financial regulations, providing its users with safety and compliance with the law.

User Support and Education

Gate.io places great emphasis on education and supporting its users. The platform offers an extensive help section, regularly updated guides, and educational webinars. Round-the-clock customer support is also available, which is particularly important for providing effective assistance in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.


As one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, Gate.io plays a key role in the industry, continually introducing innovations and expanding its services. With its wide range of offerings, advanced trading tools, strong emphasis on security and education, Gate.io is an attractive choice for traders at every level of expertise. As a platform that combines tradition with modernity, Gate.io continues its mission of shaping the future of cryptocurrency trading.