Since: 2018

Markets: 920

Cryptocurrencies: 669

Fee: 0.1%

Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, +12



BitGet, founded in 2018, is a relatively new player in the cryptocurrency market that has quickly gained recognition for its innovative trading platform. Focusing on cryptocurrency derivatives and financial products, BitGet attracts both beginners and experienced traders seeking modern and flexible trading tools.

Development and Characteristics

BitGet focuses on providing advanced trading solutions, including futures and cryptocurrency options trading. The platform quickly gained popularity thanks to its intuitive user interface, a wide range of trading instruments, and innovative features such as copy trading, which allows users to replicate the trading strategies of experienced traders.

Features and Offerings

BitGet’s offerings include cryptocurrency trading, including futures and options, with the option to use leverage. The platform offers various trading pairs, as well as innovative products like swap contracts and copy trading services. Users value BitGet for its speed, efficiency, and flexibility.

Security and Regulations

Security is one of the main priorities for BitGet. The exchange employs advanced security protocols, including cold storage, data encryption, and two-factor authentication, to protect user funds and data. The platform also actively strives for compliance with international regulatory standards.

Education and User Support

BitGet provides a wide range of educational materials and resources to help users understand the cryptocurrency market and trading strategies. Customer support is available via live chat and email, providing prompt assistance for questions or issues.


BitGet is a promising cryptocurrency exchange that is gaining increasing recognition in the market for its focus on innovation, security, and customer service. As a platform offering advanced trading features, including copy trading and derivatives trading, BitGet is an attractive option for traders at various levels of expertise seeking a modern and flexible platform for cryptocurrency trading.