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Europol: Secrets of Criminal Groups in Europe

Europol Provides Law Enforcement Agencies with Unique Data on Criminal Groups in Europe

Europol provides law enforcement agencies in Europe with important information about the most dangerous organized criminal groups. Thanks to the “unique dataset,” it is possible to more effectively combat crime on this continent.

Over 800 Criminal Groups and 250,000 People Operating in Europe

An analysis of data provided by Europol shows that there are over 800 high-risk criminal groups operating in Europe, and as many as 250,000 individuals engaged in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, migrant smuggling, property crime, and money laundering.

Groups Specializing in Cyberattacks

Europol has also identified 9 criminal groups specializing in cyberattacks, mainly carried out by offenders from Russia and Ukraine. Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly challenging task for law enforcement agencies.

Concealing Criminal Activities and Money Laundering

Criminal groups often exploit legitimate businesses to conceal their activities and engage in money laundering. They operate internationally and in 70% of cases resort to violence as a means of conflict resolution.

Use of Bribes and Other Benefits

Data collected by Europol reveals that criminal groups employ various methods such as bribery, gifts, or offering other benefits (e.g., vacations, meals, services) to facilitate their criminal activities.

Avoiding Detection and Harnessing Artificial Intelligence

Some criminal groups evade detection by using encrypted phones, avoiding electronic communication, and conducting face-to-face meetings. Europol warns that in the future, criminals may leverage artificial intelligence to enhance their security measures.

Supporting Police Forces on an International Scale

The data gathered by Europol is a significant asset in supporting and guiding criminal investigations on an international scale. This agency plays a crucial role in preventing crime and enhancing security across Europe.