Etherscan targeted by phishing attacks: a threat to cryptocurrency users

Etherscan Exposed to Phishing Ads

The popular Ethereum block explorer, Etherscan, has recently become a target for scammers who have initiated a phishing campaign aiming to deceive cryptocurrency wallet users into giving away their funds.

Assaulting with Fake Websites

Users of Etherscan may be redirected to impersonating websites, where they are prompted to connect their wallets. This method used by scammers can lead to serious financial consequences for users.

Responsibility for Phishing Ads

Suspicions point towards the Angel Drainer group for the phishing ads campaign on Etherscan, known for executing attacks to steal significant amounts of money from cryptocurrency wallets.

Other Fraudulent Groups

Besides Angel Drainer, there is another dangerous group of scammers in the cryptocurrency environment, Inferno Drainer. Having stolen over 80 million dollars, Inferno Drainer publicly announced the cessation of their operations.

Warning Against Attacks

The damages caused by groups like Angel Drainer or Inferno Drainer are just a few examples of scammers’ activities in the world of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain users should exercise great caution to avoid falling victim to attacks targeting their cryptocurrency wallets.

It is crucial to only use official websites and applications, avoid suspicious links, and regularly update cryptocurrency-related software to minimize the risk of fund loss.