Cryptocurrency world scandal: attack on influencers and X platform users

IFTTT Service Accused of Enabling Cryptocurrency Scams

The auto-posting service IFTTT (If This Then That) has recently found itself at the center of a scandal involving a new wave of cryptocurrency scams. Scammers exploited the platform to lure unsuspecting users into sending funds in the Solana cryptocurrency to a meme token named “$PACKY.”

Attacks on Cryptocurrency Industry Influencers

Several prominent influencers in the cryptocurrency industry, such as Packy McCormick and Scott Shapiro, fell victim to scams when their accounts on platform X were hijacked by criminals promoting the fake token.

Influencers’ Response to the Attacks

Following the incident, Packy McCormick revealed that he had been hacked and urged caution against clicking on suspicious links and sending funds to random addresses. Other users, including Justin Kan and Scott Shapiro, also faced similar attacks, leading them to warn the community against connecting old third-party applications that could pose potential security risks.

Account Breaches and Extent of Damage

As a result of this scheme, perpetrators managed to seize nearly 1 million dollars by hijacking over 8 influential crypto industry accounts on platform X. The stolen funds originated from transactions carried out by naive users enticed by promises of profits from investing in the fake cryptocurrency.

Incident Involving Notable Individuals as Well

The intruder also gained access to the accounts of the founder of the Rainbow app and the CEO of Asymmetric Finance. Even the digital artist Bryan Brinkman’s account fell victim to the attack.

Platform X – a Playground for Criminals

The IFTTT-related incident is just one of many dangers lurking for users on platform X. In the past, there have been numerous cases of illegal activities, scams, and hacking attacks, including breaches on the official Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) account.