Cryptocurrency scams: dramatic story of a student.

Cryptocurrency Fraud: A New Type of Cybercrime

The Internet is a place where many threats exist, including cryptocurrency fraud. One of them is a complex method used by dishonest individuals aiming to extort money from naive internet users.

A Fraud Story: Student Lost 4500 USD

One of the tragic cases involving cryptocurrency fraud is the story of a poor student who lost 4500 USD. For someone with limited financial means, this amount was a huge loss, and it all started with an online job offer promising to earn 500 USD weekly.

The Tempting Offer and the Victim’s First Steps

The victim was contacted by scammers via WhatsApp, posing as employers with an attractive offer. The job involved completing daily tasks in exchange for payment. The fraudsters assured the victim that 100 USD would be deposited into their account as the initial capital to start the tasks.

Each completed task would yield the victim a 4% profit, approximately 0.50 USD per item, in addition to the promised compensation for working time.

The Trap of “Super Orders” and Further Manipulations

The scammers also misled the victim with so-called “super orders” that could lead to a significant financial loss by requiring additional payments to the account. Unfortunately, as the tasks progressed, the scammers employed increasingly sophisticated methods to prevent the victim from withdrawing money. They changed passwords, blocked account access, demanded additional fees under various pretexts.

Warning and Call for Caution

This student’s story serves as a cautionary tale for all internet users. The risk of losing a substantial amount of money, especially when large sums are in the account or when faced with multiple “super orders” in a row, is real. The author of this story warns others by sharing their experience in the hope that no other naive internet user falls victim to similar scammers. Let’s remember to exercise caution in the online world and not be fooled by easy promises of making money.