Cryptocurrency Scam – Stephen Harrison Impersonated HyperVerse CEO

Cryptocurrency Scam Alert! Stephen Harrison from Thailand Pretended to be the Head of HyperVerse

Stephen Harrison, a British expatriate living in Thailand, was recently exposed by Cybercrime Magazine for impersonating the top executive of the cryptocurrency scheme HyperVerse. In return, he not only received money but also an unusual “bonus.”

Reprimand for Impersonating Steven Reece Lewis

Harrison admitted to pretending to be Steven Reece Lewis, the alleged head of the HyperVerse company responsible for its successes and failures. For his role in the scam, he received a compensation different from the standard – 180,000 Thai baht and a free suit.

Individual with Fake References

The shocking fact emerged that the company presented Harrison as a person with fake references. This led to the discovery of the entire fraud, which was connected to the collapse of the HyperVerse cryptocurrency scheme.

HyperVerse – Scheme Targeting Investors from Asia, Africa, and the Pacific

HyperVerse aimed to engage investors from developing countries in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific. Unfortunately, the scheme ended in failure, leaving many individuals deprived of significant financial resources.

Victims Lost Millions of Dollars

As a result of the misappropriation of financial funds, the victims of the HyperVerse scam lost millions of dollars. This triggered a broader discussion within the cybersecurity community.

Cybercrime Magazine and Its Role

Cybercrime Magazine is a significant source of cybersecurity information. The editorial team not only reports on incidents but also educates the public about digital threats.

Podcasts and Magazine Sections

Cybercrime Magazine offers diverse content, from fraud alerts to updates on cyber-attacks and data breaches. One of the key sections also includes reports on mergers and acquisitions in the field of cybersecurity.

However, the daily podcasts are the true highlight of the magazine, showcasing stories of scam victims, law enforcement actions, opinions from service providers, and insights from cybersecurity experts.