Collaboration between Sumsub and Chainalysis: Enhanced Security of Cryptocurrency Transactions

Sumsub and Chainalysis Join Forces to Enhance the Security of Cryptocurrency Transactions

Sumsub has just announced its integration with Chainalysis, a leading blockchain data platform. This strategic partnership combines Sumsub’s innovative Transaction Monitoring and Travel Rule solutions with Chainalysis’s powerful analytics platform, offering numerous benefits for companies operating in the cryptocurrency industry.

A New Era of Digital Compliance

The integration of Sumsub with Chainalysis, along with the modern Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) key management model, opens a new era of digital compliance for cryptocurrency companies. Through this collaboration, clients are ensured full regulatory compliance, data security, and effective monitoring of cryptocurrency transactions.

Process Automation and Enhanced Control

Cryptocurrency exchanges, peer-to-peer market platforms, and neobanks can now set up automated monitoring of cryptocurrency transactions and advanced risk analysis using a single cohesive dashboard offered by Sumsub and Chainalysis. Moreover, leveraging Chainalysis’s key management model in Sumsub’s full-cycle verification platform enhances privacy and data control, streamlining KYC, AML, and transaction monitoring processes.

Enhanced Analytical Capabilities

The partnership provides clients access to over a billion mapped addresses across multiple blockchains, enabling even more precise analysis and monitoring of cryptocurrency transactions. The solutions offered by Sumsub and Chainalysis are revolutionizing the landscape of digital compliance and security in the cryptocurrency sector.

Development of the Cryptocurrency Economy

The collaborative efforts of both companies aim to foster greater trust and transparency among participants in the cryptocurrency market. Working towards the development of the cryptocurrency economy, Sumsub and Chainalysis can contribute to enhancing transaction security and improving the industry’s overall reputation.

Consolidating Security and Compliance Control

Representatives from both companies emphasize that the partnership paves the way for consolidating security and compliance control in the cryptocurrency industry. Through the collaboration of Sumsub and Chainalysis, companies can operate more effectively and consciously, responding promptly to threats and abuses in the realm of cryptocurrency transactions.