Chance of ADA price reaching $1 before Bitcoin halving – expert analysis.

16 February 2024 | 15:47

Dan Gambardello Analyzes the Chance of ADA Reaching $1 Before Bitcoin’s Halving

Dan Gambardello, a cryptocurrency market expert, has conducted an analysis on the potential price increase of the cryptocurrency ADA to the $1 level. This analysis focuses on the period leading up to the upcoming Bitcoin halving scheduled for April this year.

ADA’s Growth in the Last 24 Hours

In the last 24 hours, the price of ADA has risen back above the $0.60 mark, marking a 12% increase over the past week. This is a positive sign for investors holding this cryptocurrency.

Forecasts vs Reality

Dan Gambardello has expressed his opinion, stating that he does not expect the price of ADA to reach $1 before Bitcoin’s halving. However, the current situation in the cryptocurrency market may come as a surprise, as Gambardello believes ADA is currently exceeding expectations regarding potential growth.

Conditions Favoring Goal Achievement

Gambardello’s analysis indicates that there is a possibility for ADA to reach the $1 mark when Bitcoin continues to rise without a major correction before a potential consolidation. This increases the chances of growth for ADA.

Historical Pattern and Predictions

The analysis refers to a historical pattern that points to ADA’s performance following Bitcoin’s surge in November 2020. According to predictions, ADA could reach $1 shortly after Bitcoin’s halving, but there is no guarantee of explosive price growth before this event.


Currently, the price of ADA is hovering around $0.60, which means it would need to achieve about a 40% increase to reach the $1 mark. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and full of surprises, so investors closely observing the ADA situation are certainly awaiting developments eagerly leading up to Bitcoin’s upcoming halving.