Canonical intensifies fight against fake cryptocurrency apps

Canonical Changes Policy Regarding Cryptocurrency Security

The company Canonical, publisher of the popular Ubuntu operating system, has taken steps to enhance the security of users utilizing cryptocurrency applications available on the Snap Store. This change was announced in response to numerous cases of fraud where fake applications were stealing authentication data for digital wallets.

Manual Verification of Snap Name Registrations

As a temporary solution, Canonical has decided to implement manual verification of new snap name registrations. This new policy aims to minimize the risk of further fake applications impersonating authentic cryptocurrency wallets.

Extended Support for Ubuntu Pro

Additionally, Canonical has announced an extension of support for Ubuntu Pro, meaning an additional two years of critical security updates for the “Trusty” version. Ubuntu Pro is currently available for free to users with up to five machines.

Preparing for the Release of LTS 24.04 “Noble Numbat”

Nevertheless, the upcoming LTS release, version 24.04 “Noble Numbat”, has not yet reached the beta stage. Nonetheless, Canonical has already made available some preliminary materials related to this version, including special desktop wallpapers themed around “Noble Numbat”.

Combatting the Issue of Fake Applications

Canonical is taking decisive actions to protect users from fake cryptocurrency applications that employ social engineering methods to steal data and funds from digital wallets. The changes introduced by Canonical aim to safeguard users and enhance security within the Snap Store ecosystem.