BloodLoop: Revolutionary game merging web2 and web3 worlds receives $4 million investment

7 Digital Labs Secures $4 Million for the Development of BloodLoop Game

7 Digital Labs, a studio based in Switzerland, recently announced its success in securing $4 million in seed investments. The company, operating for over three years, specializes in game production, and their latest project, BloodLoop, a free-to-play hero shooter game integrated into the web3 gaming world, aims to revolutionize the video game market.

Investment Partners and Collaboration

Prominent entities such as Avalanche Foundation, Merit Circle, and Citizen Capital participated in the financing, enabling the company to pursue its ambitious goals. CEO and co-founder Luca Menale emphasizes that 7 Digital Labs’ main objective is to create gaming platforms that will provide users with cutting-edge experiences by leveraging blockchain technology.

About BloodLoop Game

BloodLoop, the company’s flagship product, is set to take a leading position in the next-generation hero shooter market. The game has garnered significant interest from the web3 community, with over 350,000 sign-ups to participate in the closed beta version, which is set to be released in the coming months.

BloodLoop merges the worlds of web2 and web3, offering players the opportunity to enjoy traditional gameplay elements alongside a modern blockchain-based approach. The game features dynamic 5v5 gameplay from a third-person perspective, allowing players to compete, earn NFTs, and engage in creating unique items and artifacts.

Infrastructure and Technology

The entire game is built on Avalanche Subnet, a specialized blockchain within the Avalanche network that facilitates instant and secure player-to-player exchanges while eliminating transaction fees. With this technology, BloodLoop has the potential to revolutionize how players interact with each other.


BloodLoop not only provides thrilling gameplay but also offers a modern approach to player interaction and the opportunity to participate in a game economy built on blockchain technology. With the support of investors and the dedication of its creators, the game has enormous potential to gain recognition in the world of web3 hero shooters.

Considering the technological advancements and the demand for innovative video games, BloodLoop has the opportunity to become a true breakthrough in the gaming industry.