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“BitDelta announces a free campaign with a prize pool of 100,000 USD for users – How to participate?”

Upcoming Salary Reduction for Bitcoin Miners and Free Giveaway from BitDelta

Among many reports related to cryptocurrencies, one of the most important pieces of information is the upcoming salary reduction for Bitcoin miners. However, not everything has to be negative – BitDelta company has decided to mark this occasion by organizing a free giveaway with a prize pool of USD 100,000!

How to Participate in the Giveaway?

To take part in the giveaway organized by BitDelta, you should visit the website or download the BitDelta mobile app. Next, create an account and complete your profile information. The next step is to make at least one transaction with any token available on the BitDelta spot exchange during the campaign period.

Prizes Up for Grabs

At the end of the campaign, three lucky winners will be drawn, and the prizes will be as follows: third place – USD 10,000. Meanwhile, the grand prize of up to USD 100,000 will be reserved only for eligible participants during the Two-Week Trading Period.

Important Information from BitDelta

BitDelta reserves the right to disqualify users who do not meet the specified eligibility requirements. Furthermore, the organizer also has the right to cancel, suspend, or change the mechanics or rules of the campaign at any time at their own discretion.

It is important to remember that activities related to cryptocurrencies and digital assets carry a high level of risk, therefore it is recommended to seek professional advice before making any financial, investment, or trading decisions.

About BitDelta

Founded in 2023, BitDelta is a global-reaching trading platform that provides financial services in over 120 countries. The company offers services such as spot trading, derivatives trading, buying cryptocurrencies with a card, and services on the Token Launchpad platform.