Bitcoin’s Prospects After Halving: Forecasts and Investment Trends

Bitcoin – forecasts post-halving on X platform

According to analyses conducted on platform X, there is a real chance for Bitcoin to reach a value of $150,000 after the upcoming halving. This significant event related to cryptocurrency could contribute to an increase in its value by more than double the current rate.

Current upward trend of Bitcoin

The price of Bitcoin is currently on the rise, indicating the dominant role of buyers in the market. After the recent price surge on April 8th, there is a prospect for another breakthrough, this time above $74,000. The upcoming halving is considered a key factor influencing the potential growth of Bitcoin’s value in the near future.

Reduction in block rewards and Bitcoin demand

The expected reduction in block rewards, combined with growing demand, could lead to a Bitcoin deficit in the market and a potential increase in its price. There is a decreasing amount of Bitcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges, and the lack of availability in the OTC market indicates a growing institutional demand and a potential future supply shortage.

Institutional investments in Bitcoin

Bitcoin ETF issuers worldwide, such as those in London and Hong Kong, are increasing their purchases of this cryptocurrency. This trend could positively impact the price of Bitcoin, which is increasingly recognized as a valuable asset, similar to gold.

Greater availability of Bitcoin in the market

Further positive signals include the planned introduction of Bitcoin-related ETNs on the London Stock Exchange and the expected approval of several ETFs in Hong Kong. These events herald greater availability of Bitcoin in the market, which could further strengthen the position of this cryptocurrency as a valuable investment asset.