Bitcoin: The Mysterious Phenomenon of Halving and Record Value – What’s Next?

Bitcoin – Record Price Surges and the Halving Phenomenon

Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, has seen an impressive 60% increase this year, reaching a historical high above $72,000 in March. This event has sparked a lot of speculation about the future of this digital currency.

Bitcoin Price Surge

The recent surge in Bitcoin prices is the result of various factors. One key factor is the increased interest from investors who are utilizing newly introduced Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), allowing them to invest in Bitcoin through shares on the stock exchange.

The Halving as a Significant Price Influencer

One of the important events impacting the Bitcoin price is the so-called halving – a reduction in the reward for those who add new blocks to the Bitcoin blockchain. The halving involves cutting this reward in half every four years. It is a mechanism aimed at controlling the cryptocurrency’s supply and encouraging its ownership.

Halving-Related Events

So far, three halvings have taken place: in November 2008, July 2012, and May 2016. Block rewards will gradually decrease until they reach 1 satoshi (0.00000001 BTC). The total number of mined Bitcoins is limited to 21 million, making the cryptocurrency increasingly deflationary.

Importance of Halving for the Market

Halvings are crucial for Bitcoin’s stability as they help prevent inflation and enhance its attractiveness as a deflationary investment asset. After each halving, Bitcoin prices have risen, raising expectations for the following cycles of this phenomenon.

Halving Impact on the Market

On the day of the halving, Bitcoin prices are expected to drop as the production costs of the cryptocurrency increase, and the influence of ETF funds on the market grows. The hashrate, which is the computational power used to mine Bitcoin, is constantly increasing, necessitating investments in increasingly efficient and effective computer solutions.


We are currently witnessing unprecedented market trends related to Bitcoin halving and the impact of ETF investments. It is worth monitoring the developments in the cryptocurrency market, considering the dynamic changes and events surrounding this popular digital currency.