Bitcoin surpasses $71,000: What hides behind the mysterious cryptocurrency boom?

Bitcoin Price Surges Above $71,000

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has soared above $71,000, reaching its highest level since March 15th of this year. This dynamic increase in the cryptocurrency price has captured the attention of investors worldwide.

Capital Flow into Bitcoin ETFs

There is also a positive capital flow into Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) related to Bitcoin. This indicates a growing interest from institutional investors in this asset class.

Factors Supporting the Increase in Bitcoin Price

Current factors supporting the rise in Bitcoin price include capital inflow into ETFs, the upcoming reduction in the Bitcoin mining reward, and overall positive sentiment among institutional investors.

Bitcoin Accumulation by Investors

A significant increase in Bitcoin accumulation has been observed among large investors who are increasing their holdings, anticipating further price growth in the future.

Expectations for the Reduction in Bitcoin Mining Reward

The upcoming reduction in block rewards on the Bitcoin blockchain is expected to increase the purchasing power of ETFs, potentially setting a new direction for the cryptocurrency market. This is a significant factor that investors are paying attention to.

Bitcoin Value Increase in Relation to Reduced Supply

The upcoming reduction in available Bitcoin supply may potentially increase the cryptocurrency’s value, prompting investors to hold their positions and expect further growth.

Price Analysis and Forecasts

Traders and analysts are currently focusing on future price levels of Bitcoin, especially after the recent surge above $70,000. An analysis using the In/Out of the Money Around Price (IOMAP) model indicates that Bitcoin has strong support around the $64,000 level.


Amidst dynamic changes in the cryptocurrency market, investors are closely monitoring Bitcoin’s behavior, expecting further growth and possibly reaching the $100,000 level. Capital support, investor accumulation, and upcoming changes in the mining reward system are key factors shaping the current situation in the cryptocurrency market.