Bitcoin Halving Party: Latest News and Attractions Before the Event!

Bitcoin Halving Party: What to Know Before the Upcoming Event?

Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, has recently reached a historically high level just before the upcoming halving – above $69,000. What does this actually mean and what are the potential consequences of this phenomenon? Web3 industry companies such as Changelly, Topper, Zengo Wallet, and Tangem have decided to honor this moment by organizing a Bitcoin Halving Party, to which they cordially invite you.

A History of Bitcoin Halvings

The first Bitcoin halving took place in 2012 and brought a huge increase in the value of the digital currency – up to 9,483%. The next block reward halving occurred in 2016, causing a growth of 653%. Now, in 2020, we are witnessing another significant event for the entire cryptocurrency market.

Exclusive Rewards for Participants

Partners of the Bitcoin Halving Party offer attractive rewards for participants. Among them are Apple Vision Pro, hardware wallets from Tangem, Zengo Pro subscriptions, and $50 Amazon gift cards. To take part in the campaign and have a chance to win these rewards, you need to register or log in through Changelly, make a fiat-to-crypto transaction worth over $50, and wait for the announcement of the winners.

Discounts and Promotions

New users have the opportunity to benefit from a free trial period with 0% fees for the first fiat-to-crypto transaction within 7 days from the start of the campaign. Additionally, Tangem offers a special promotional code HALVING for a 10% discount on hardware wallets, while Zengo Wallet provides a free trial of Zengo Pro for all interested parties.

About Partner Companies

Changelly is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform serving over 6 million users and based in Hong Kong. Topper is a global Web3 payment solution offering easy and reliable fiat-to-crypto transfers. Tangem provides secure hardware wallet solutions for storing digital assets, and Zengo Wallet is a reliable cryptocurrency wallet based on advanced MPC technology.

The upcoming Bitcoin Halving Party is a great opportunity not only to celebrate an important moment for the world of cryptocurrencies but also to win valuable prizes and take advantage of promotions offered by partners. Join this unique event and learn more about the fascinating history of Bitcoin during the upcoming halving!