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“Bitcoin Halving 2024: Price Forecasts and Expectations”

Pre-halving Price Retreat in Bitcoin: an “Extraordinary” Phenomenon

An analysis of Bitcoin prices before the upcoming halving reveals a significant retreat, which may cause some confusion in the market. According to historical data, most miners leave the market just before the halving, leading to a price drop. However, experts are surprised by the likelihood of such a large price retreat before this event.

Bitcoin’s Extended Bull Run Post-Halving: 6 to 18 Months

After each Bitcoin halving, there is always an extended period of bullish price action, lasting from 6 to 18 months. By analyzing data from previous halving cycles, one can observe that Bitcoin prices rose significantly after both the 2016 halving (up 17 times) and the 2020 halving (up 6 times).

Analysis of Fluctuating Prices and Price Forecasts Post-Halving

Observing recent Bitcoin price fluctuations related to changes in the US Federal Reserve, experts are trying to predict what the situation will look like after the upcoming halving. Mark Palmer pointed out the “extraordinary” price behaviors before the halving and recalled historical price increases after this event.

Coinbase Institutional Note confirms that on average Bitcoin gained 61% in the 6 months leading up to previous halvings, and as much as 348% in the 6 months following the halving. This encourages optimistic price forecasts post the upcoming BTC halving.

Perspective on the 2024 Halving Cycle

The upcoming halving cycle in 2024 is shaping up to be unique due to the increasing institutional demand, the growing number of BTC ETFs, and potential favorable macroeconomic factors, especially if the Federal Reserve decides on further interest rate cuts.

While all these factors bode well for optimistic price forecasts for Bitcoin post the 2024 halving, whether the current cycle will continue historical trends remains an open question, eagerly monitored by investors and experts alike.