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Bitcoin: Expectations for the Halving in 2024

Bitcoin Anticipating the 2024 Halving

The planned Bitcoin halving in April 2024 has become a hot topic of discussion and a subject of interest for investors and cryptocurrency industry experts. One of the voices drawing attention to the positive aspects of the future of the most popular cryptocurrency is Mike Novogratz. His optimistic outlook on Bitcoin’s development and currency price predictions are capturing market interest.

The Role of Halving in Bitcoin’s Supply Dynamics

Bitcoin halving, which involves reducing rewards for mining BTC, has a significant impact on the cryptocurrency’s supply dynamics. According to Novogratz, the reduced supply post-halving may contribute to the increase in Bitcoin’s value, especially with sustained or growing demand for this digital currency.

Price Forecasts and Development Perspectives

Currently, the value of Bitcoin is hovering around $52,235, with its market capitalization exceeding one trillion dollars, indicating a high growth potential. Ki Young Ju, the CEO of the analytical platform CryptoQuant, predicts a dynamic increase in Bitcoin’s value by the year-end, with a forecasted price of $112,000. This analyst points out the impact of Bitcoin spot ETFs, which could lead to a market capitalization increase of $114 billion, undoubtedly affecting the cryptocurrency’s value.


The upcoming Bitcoin halving event in 2024 and the forecasts concerning the development of this cryptocurrency are becoming significant topics that attract the attention of both investors and industry experts. It is worth keeping track of the situation’s progress and expert analyses to make informed investment decisions related to Bitcoin.