Bitcoin Cash price prospects before the 3rd halving

Bitcoin Cash: Price Analysis and Outlook Ahead of the 3rd Halving

The price of Bitcoin Cash has seen a significant surge, reaching $496 on March 25, marking an impressive 44% increase in just five days. However, despite this rapid growth, strategic decisions made by miners ahead of the upcoming halving may pose a threat to further upward trend.

Bitcoin Cash Ahead of the 3rd Halving

The upcoming 3rd halving of Bitcoin Cash scheduled for April 4 is drawing significant interest in the cryptocurrency market. Increased market speculation is observed, with key players making strategic moves to minimize potential price spikes associated with this event.

History and Key Data

Bitcoin Cash emerged in 2014 as an alternative to Bitcoin, offering lower transaction fees and higher throughput. It is worth noting that miners sold 1.5 million BCH in 2024, generating revenue of approximately $741 million.

BCH miner reserves dropped from the initial 7.72 million BCH to 6.25 million BCH after three months of intense selling, marking the lowest level since 2018. This suggests that miners have leveraged price surges to sell off their holdings before the upcoming halving.

Price Outlook Before the Halving

Price forecasts for Bitcoin Cash are not definitive. There is a possibility of further decline below the $400 mark before the halving. While the market shows strong support around $400, breaking this threshold could lead to a BCH price drop towards $350.

Considering potential scenarios, bulls may alter the pessimistic forecast by breaking the $500 level. However, a significant short-term selling barrier is at $490, which could restrict future price increases for Bitcoin Cash.

Despite price volatility and market uncertainty, investors are eagerly awaiting the developments related to the upcoming Bitcoin Cash halving, which could significantly impact the cryptocurrency landscape.