Bitcoin Cash and InQubeta – Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin Cash Gains Value Ahead of Halving

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is experiencing an impressive 40% increase in value ahead of the upcoming halving scheduled for May 2024. The value of this cryptocurrency has risen to around 680 USD, attracting the attention of investors seeking investment opportunities.

Bitcoin Holds Steady Around 70,000 USD

The price of Bitcoin itself remains at a high level, hovering around 70,000 USD. In March, it even surpassed 73,000 USD, demonstrating the stability of the most popular cryptocurrency on the market.

InQubeta Project Raises 13 Million USD Ahead of Debut

It is also worth noting the cryptocurrency InQubeta, which is close to raising 13 million USD during the presale before its official debut on exchanges. This project is drawing significant interest from investors, especially due to its association with artificial intelligence.

QUBE Token – Investing in AI Startups

The QUBE token, created by InQubeta, aims to enable investment in start-ups related to artificial intelligence. It has deflationary properties and serves as both a utility token and a governance token, offering investors a variety of opportunities.

Opportunity to Purchase QUBE Tokens in Presale

Investors have the opportunity to purchase QUBE tokens in the presale, using payments in ETH, USDT, BNB, BUSD, and BTC. After the presale ends, token holders can stake their assets in a rewards pool through the InQubeta application, further enhancing the attractiveness of this project.


Observing the increasing value of Bitcoin Cash, the dynamic cryptocurrency market, and innovative projects like InQubeta, one can see a growing interest among investors in the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology. Exciting times lie ahead, especially with the approaching Bitcoin halving, which could impact the entire cryptocurrency market.