Bitcoin breakthrough after halving: Brandt’s analysis versus Hayes’ concerns

Peter Brandt Predicts New ATH for Bitcoin After the 2024 Halving

Peter Brandt, a well-known cryptocurrency market analyst, predicts that during the Bitcoin halving in 2024, the most popular cryptocurrency will reach a new all-time high price. This forecast contradicts Arthur Hayes’s concerns about the future of the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin Price Correction to Test the Descending Logarithmic Trend

Currently, the price of Bitcoin is undergoing a correction to test the descending logarithmic trend. Despite temporary declines, analysts believe that Bitcoin is gathering momentum to break through the psychological level around $74,000 USD.

Bitcoin’s Fourth Halving and Inflation Change

The planned fourth Bitcoin halving will reduce the annual inflation from around 1.68% to approximately 0.84%. This significant event may impact further price fluctuations of the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Gains Value After Approval of Spot BTC ETFs in the USA

In the first quarter of this year, Bitcoin gained the most in the altcoin market after the approval of spot BTC ETF funds in the United States. The increasing interest in Bitcoin could lead to further changes in the cryptocurrency market.

Decreasing Amount of Bitcoin on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

With the rise in the price of Bitcoin, the amount of this cryptocurrency held on cryptocurrency exchanges is decreasing. Over 111,000 BTC, worth over $7.5 billion, have been withdrawn from major cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the last month.

Experts Optimistic about the Future of Cryptocurrencies

Despite some critical voices and concerns, these experts are very optimistic about the future of Bitcoin and the entire altcoin industry. Supply and demand shocks, as well as changes in traditional markets, make investors look optimistically at the prospects for the development of the cryptocurrency market.

Brandt Predicts New ATH for Bitcoin, Hayes Worries About Declines

Peter Brandt maintains that the price of Bitcoin will reach a new historic maximum after the halving, before any downturn occurs. In contrast, Arthur Hayes expresses concerns that upcoming halvings and actions by the Federal Reserve of the United States could trigger a “sell-off” of cryptocurrencies.

Facts and Speculations in the Cryptocurrency Market

The recent trend of decreasing Bitcoin dominance over altcoins and increasing interest in Ethereum and other cryptocurrency assets raises questions about the current market dynamics. Despite differing forecasts and concerns, the cryptocurrency market remains an area of intense analysis, speculation, and change.