Bitcoin After Halving: Analyses and Perspectives

# Bitcoin After Halving: Forecasts and Analysis

Cryptocurrency market analysts point to significant events related to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, with a special focus on the phenomenon of halving. Despite the sharp drop in Bitcoin’s price from its last historic peak, investors and experts are trying to predict how this popular cryptocurrency will develop in the coming months.

The Best Moment After Halving for Investors

According to Charles Edwards, the founder of Capriole Fund, the 12-month period after the Bitcoin halving may prove to be the most favorable moment for investors in terms of risk-reward ratio. He believes that halving could impact stopping unprofitable miners, which in the longer term may affect the supply and price of Bitcoin.

ETF Flows and the Bitcoin Market

Ki Young Ju, founder of CryptoQuant, emphasizes that the Bitcoin market may be mainly driven by flows related to Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) on spot Bitcoin, rather than by the halving phenomenon. This indicates how many factors can influence the price and dynamics of the development of this cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Price Forecasts

According to “Rekt Capital,” there is a risk of further decline in the price of Bitcoin before the uptrend begins. It is significant that Bitcoin has already crossed the “danger zone,” which historically preceded the uptrends related to halving. Analyzing previous years, we can see various scenarios for the price development of this cryptocurrency.

Summary of Halving History

Recalling history, in 2020, the price of Bitcoin dropped by about 50% before halving, only to stabilize around $10,000 before entering a bullish trend in 2021. In contrast, in 2016, the price fell by 33% before halving, later peaking at $20,000 in 2017 – showing how variable market reactions can be to this event.

The Future of Halving in 2024

It is worth noting that the halving planned for 2024 is an area that still remains relatively unexplored. Previous halvings occurred at a relatively low price of Bitcoin compared to peak values, and did not benefit from the institutional support like the current flows related to ETFs on spot Bitcoin.

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