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Battle against ransomware: Successes and challenges for law enforcement

Success in Fighting Ransomware – FBI Counters BlackCat Group

The Department of Justice of the United States has announced a spectacular success in the fight against ransomware, leading an international operation with the FBI against the hacking group BlackCat or AlphV. In recent weeks, FBI agents managed to deactivate decryption keys used by the group, preventing further extortion of victims.

Attack on Change Healthcare Medical Company

Unfortunately, despite the effective actions of the FBI, the BlackCat group has struck again, this time targeting the medical company Change Healthcare. The attack caused serious disruptions in the software used in hospitals and pharmacies across the United States, potentially endangering the lives of patients.

Race Against Time in the Fight Against Hacker Groups

Analysts dealing with ransomware note that law enforcement successes are becoming increasingly short-lived. After dealing with one group, hackers quickly rebuild their attacks, evading consequences. The inability to arrest key perpetrators operating in countries like Russia makes it difficult to effectively stop the activities of hacker groups.

Return of the Lockbit Group Post National Crime Agency UK Actions

Recent actions by the National Crime Agency UK against the Lockbit group also did not prove final. Despite attempts to deactivate the group, it quickly returned to operation, providing a new dark web page, which is becoming increasingly common in ransomware attacks.

The Fight Continues – BlackCat and Lockbit Groups Persist

Despite the efforts of the FBI and the National Crime Agency UK, the BlackCat and Lockbit groups continue to target companies and institutions. The number of victims, however, may be slightly lower due to the actions taken by law enforcement agencies. Lockbit also aims to maintain the trust of partners, hence it is trying to reduce the maliciousness of its new dark web page.


The fight against ransomware is an ongoing race against time. Despite the successes achieved by law enforcement agencies, hacker groups like BlackCat and Lockbit persist in attacking companies and institutions. Global cooperation and intensified efforts are necessary to effectively curb the invasion of ransomware into information systems.