Alarming 84% Rise in Ransomware Attacks: Flashpoint Report 2024

84% Surge in Ransomware Attacks: Alarming Data from Flashpoint Report

According to experts, the number of ransomware attacks has surged by a staggering 84% between 2022 and 2023. These alarming figures demonstrate the growing threat associated with cybercrime.

Sectors Vulnerable to Ransomware Attacks

According to the “2024 Global Threat Intelligence Report” by Flashpoint, sectors such as construction, engineering, professional services, internet software, and healthcare are particularly vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Attackers target these industries due to the sensitive data they store and the urgent need to restore operational functionality post-attack.

Vulnerability Management: A Challenge for Companies

Flashpoint reports that in 2023, a total of 33,137 vulnerabilities were identified, with 35% of them having known public exploits. Managing vulnerabilities poses a significant challenge for businesses, especially given the increasingly sophisticated attack methods employed by hackers.

Flashpoint Recommendations for Combating Ransomware

In response to the growing ransomware threat, experts recommend categorizing high-risk vulnerabilities based on remote exploitation methods, available exploits, and known solutions. This pivotal action aims to enhance organizations’ resilience to cyber attacks.

Increase in Data Breaches and Leaks in 2023

Flashpoint’s analyses revealed a 34.5% increase in data breaches in 2023, with ransomware and unauthorized access being the primary causes of these incidents. Moreover, over 6,000 data leakage incidents were recorded in the past year alone, leading to the exposure of over 17 billion personal records.

LockBit – Most Active Ransomware Group in 2023

According to Flashpoint’s data, a ransomware group named LockBit was the most active in 2023, with over twice the number of victims compared to the second most active group. This highlights the increasing scale and aggression of cybercriminal actions aimed at extorting, stealing, and blocking data across various sectors of the economy.

The presented data confirms the growing risks associated with ransomware and data leaks. Faced with increasingly advanced cyber attack techniques, organizations must focus on strengthening their defense systems and ensuring information security to effectively counter contemporary threats.