Yesterday, the feared Bitcoin Hard Fork happened. Bitcoin Cash saw the light, several blocks were mined and it started officially as a new currency (we could call it "alt-coin" until new updates). Now, what can we expect? Let's start saying that Bitcoin Cash (aka BCC) has several differences with "original" Bitcoin (aka BTC), first of all, the block size (now 2 MB, planned to...
  #Ethereum vs #Bitcoin   Theoretically this should be the best year at all for Bitcoin: price increased, major adoption by "mere mortals".. Anyway, this could be the last year for Bitcoin, as we know it. In these days Bitcoin Community is living a sort of "Civil War": in poor words, who wants more scalability (bigger block size=more and cheap transaction per block)  and who think...
These will be an hard times for every Bitcoin user. The HardFork, that seems inevitable at the moment, could create a really mess in the Bitcoin World. In case of HardFork, the bitcoin blockchain will simply split into 2 different chains. Once will be the original chain (the one supported by Bitcoin Core devs) and the other will be a new one, with different protocol and...

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