Guest Writing – write and be paid in cryptocurrencies!

Are you a Cryptocurrencies enthusiast? Do you want to write for us? Let us know!

We are looking for enthusiasts who love writing and cryptocurrencies!

We want to give the right value to your work so you’ll be paid in cryptocurrencies for your work.

How does it work?

  1. Register your account using our form.
  2. Write your articles.
  3. Earn money

How can I start writing?

– After registered your account, just click on “new post” button. Write your post,  include one or more images, SELECT THE RIGHT CATEGORY and then submit it to be reviewed using the specific button. It’ll be reviewed in 24hrs.

How can I earn money?

– The post will have the following payment schedule based on post’s length and views:

N. Words Revenue per views
300 – 499 0.005€
450 – 500 0.01€
501 – 999 0.015€
1000 – 2000 0.02€

In case you plan to start a periodic column about a specific topic (example: “Weekly Bitcoin Analysis”) you’ll be paid once a month (the first Monday). The payment will be of 5€ for the full month (weekly column – at least 4 publications) or 2€ for biweekly publications + the normal revenue described before.

How are views calculated? To prevent fraud, a view is valid ONLY if the reader’ session is equal or longer than 40 sec. This is less than a half average time of readers (average time: 1:49 min), so it’s not so difficult to reach.

To prevent fraud, a view is valid ONLY if the reader’ session is equal or longer than 45 sec. This is less than a half average time of readers (average time: 1:49 min per post), so it’s not so difficult to reach. We use Google Analytics Service to track the views.

Every Monday the earning of every contributor during the past week will be calculated and the payment sent. For periodic column, the writer will be paid on first Monday of the month.

You can choose to be paid in:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum (recommended)
  • Lite Coin
  • Ripple
  • Dash

What are the articles allowed?

You can write anything you want, it just has to be about cryptocurrencies! Just remember that EVERY post will be checked before published.


Q – Can I write about a news saw on another website?

A – Sure! Just remember to specify the source of the news. And, just to be clear, this doesn’t allow you to COPY a news. You can read a news on another website, document yourself, and then write an article. Remember to link to the original article.


Q – I want to start a weekly/biweekly column, how can I proceed?

A – Specify this in the title of your post (EX: “weekly update on Ripple”) and using the subtitle field for the post title. To avoid problems, set the date on the title after your column name (EX: “weekly update on Ripple – 6th of April 2017).


Q – How can I be sure that you are not scamming me with post’s views?

A – We want your articles. So we want to pay you! We are working on a plugin to let you see your post views.


Q – I have a blog, can I self-promote it?

A – If your blog is in topic sure! You can always link your blog using your profile sign.


Q – I earn only few bucks, how can i earn more?

A – We are planning to introduce ads in the next months, with ads we’ll introduce new ways to gain more money from your posts.


Q – I have other questions, can I mail you?

A – Sure, feel free to write at: [email protected]
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