While everybody is talking about Bitcoin mess and  Litecoin rising, Ethereum Tokens still go on growing, reaching a very good average of 21.000 transactions per day! (all data and screenshots are taken from https://ethplorer.io/) Like you can see, the trend of daily transactions is bullish, and this is very important for Ethereum Network in general. You have to keep in mind that Ethereum was build to...
Yesterday was a bloodbath for cryptocurrencies: more or less $5 mld were burned by a giant wave of panic selling. For this we have to thank the Bitcoin Community: if you are not a "truly-believer", why you should ever keep a coin, that before being a coin is a software, and its developers are in a war about its future with the chance of a chain...
During last weeks we received several emails/messages regarding how and where to invest, so we decided to start this new section focused on Trading. For now, we prefer to not go through giving trading signals (this function will be implemented in the future) but only giving you some tips and advice to choose where to invest your money. Now let's start. You are completely new to...

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