Ripple Coin Investment Analysis This was a crazy weekend for every Ripple Coin investor: in just 48 hrs the Ripple Coin's price jump from $0.014 to $0.064 with an increase of 357,14%! Like you can see in the following pic, the Ripple Coin literally exploited to $0,064 to settle back down to $0.0429. Exchange: Kraken In these days Ripple's subreddit, telegram's chats and groups are full of...
Few minutes ago, Ripple Coin surpassed Monero in market capitalization and now it's the 4th altcoin! This is the cryptocurrencies' ranking based on market caps (source: coincap.io) 1 Bitcoin BTC $16.834.017.879 961.4987091 EUR 949.4297 EUR 16.232.287 $257.067.000 0.13% Buy / Sell 2 Ethereum ETH $3.718.273.710 38.2896667 EUR 38.1444 EUR 90.032.727 $79.062.000 1.99% Buy / Sell 3 Dash DASH $719.602.066 92.8926487 EUR 92.6343 EUR 7.182.104 $15.937.000 -0.98% Buy...
As reported by official Ripple' site, "The Bank of England’s FinTech Accelerator announced today that it is conducting a PoC with Ripple to demonstrate cross-border payments and settlement using two different Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems. This collaboration marks the first instance of a central bank exploring how it can use blockchain technology to enable improved cross-border payments. Ripple’s solution is built around the...

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