GNOSIS – Were you ready for the ICO of the year?


Yesterday, at 7:00 UTC, started the ICO (Initial Coin Offer) of Gnosis, an Ethereum based prediction market.

The ICO ended in less than 7 minutes.

This is the reasons for the lack of posts during the last week: we were completely focused on this new project, trying to know more as we can before investing some money (Everyone should do his own researches before invest).

Before going deep in Gnosis futures I have a question for you: Do you really know what Gnosis is?

Gnosis is a prediction market who claim to produce reliable forecast about future events (like Augur). For mainly two reasons, there are many expectations about the project:

  1. The team is supported by several well-known subjects in the Cryptocurrencies World (ex: Vitalik Buterin – the co-founder of Ethereum).
  2. The platform is close to being released.

This means that in few months (probably less) we could have a platform ready to use.

If you want to go deep into how Gnosis works you can take a look at Gnosis website or discuss it on Reddit, on official Gnosis Subreddit.


Now let’s talk about yesterday: the ICO of the year, where 12 M were raised in less than 7 minutes.


Like told before, the “ICO of the Year” raised 250.000k ETH. If you take a look at Gnosis Smart Contract Address (https://etherscan.io/txs?a=0x1d0dcc8d8bcafa8e8502beaeef6cbd49d3affcdc). Overall, the Team confirmed what told days ago:

This tweet and the relative vault contract close every possible malicious think about what GNO Team want to do with the 95% of the token remaining: for at least one year, these tokens will be locked into a vault smart contract.

What can we expect from Gnosis?

Gnosis could be a long term project. It could attract several big investors and lot of people who actually don’t care about cryptocurrencies projects. An interesting way to create a passive gain from Gnosis could be the revenue generated by Wiz (Wiz = the token used to pay fees and operations inside the Gnosis platform. Wiz value is related to the success of the platform).

Now let’s wait and see how the markets will react to GNO entrance. Stay tuned for further updates.





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