Ethereum Tokens Network is growing! – on average 4500 operations per day

The number of the daily operations of ethereum tokens (every value token based on ethereum network) is growing!

This is a very good thing for the Ethereum Project. For those who don’t know, the main innovation of Ethereum network is that it allows everyone to build and broadcast tokens through the Ethereum Network. For the moment, every operation “consumes” a small of Gas, and this gas is paid in eth. Ethereum Devs plan to allow users to pay gas needed using the token subject of the operation (ex: now if you move ‘x’ Golem, now you pay ‘Y’ eth as gas consumption, in the future, you’ll pay Golem).

Like you kan see in the graph below, the activity of ethereum token is slowly growing, but why is this so important?

eth token

(source: https://ethplorer.io/)

Ethereum is a very good way to move money, is fast, secure and cheap, anyway, these aren’t the main innovations (there are tons of good cryptocurrencies made to only to be excellent payments way). The main innovation of ethereum is that it allows the creation of token that can use the ethereum blockchain. This means that everyone can build his own cryptocurrency based on ethereum. This is a revolutionary innovation: this means that every project can have a solid, safe and tested blockchain to run on. An example of how this innovation is useful is the tons of amazing tokens born in the last 2 years. Some example? Augur, Golem, ICONOMI etc.). Every one of this project was born thanks to ethereum.

Now let’s talk about what you care: ETH price.

In what way the Eth price is influenced by these tokens?

Actually, the Ethereum price is mainly (like 90%) determined by speculation: investors and enthusiast believe on its value and buy eth now in prevision of a future increase in price. Anyway, ethereum tokens are the base of future Ethereum price. Now most part of ethereum tokens are still in beta testing (or in alpha), but during the next 2 years (probably earlier) ethereum tokens will reach maturity: more user-friendly programs will be developed, for ‘mere mortals’ will be easier and faster decide to use a determined token, tokens will be bought not for a speculative reason but to be used (ex: Golem Tokens will be purchased not because their price could grow, but to buy power).

These projects are the lifeblood of the Ethereum Network. These project will be the main reason of the growing of the ethereum network. This is why Ethereum is so amazing, and why we are quite sure (like 99%) that it can become the main cryptocurrency during the next times.

In the graphs below, you can see the activity of the main ethereum tokens during the last period. The address near the token name is the address that you have to add to your ethereum wallet to store the token.

ICONOMI (Address: 0x888666ca69e0f178ded6d75b5726cee99a87d698)


AUGUR REP COIN (Address: 0x48c80f1f4d53d5951e5d5438b54cba84f29f32a5)


GOLEM NETWORK TOKEN (Address: 0xa74476443119a942de498590fe1f2454d7d4ac0d)



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