Cosmos ICO: over $17 M raised in just 8 minutes

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of Cosmos ended in just 9 minutes. And it raised over 17 Million of dollars.
Cosmos Logo


I don’t know how many of you was ready (or, at least, knew of ) for the Cosmos ICO. I honestly was surprised when I saw, after less than 10 minutes since its start, the message on Cosmos’ website: “Fundraiser hasn’t started yet or has ended”


cosmos ico

But what is Cosmos?


Cosmos Network is an ambitious project with the final goal of becoming the first decentralized exchange (and many other things, but this is the most ambitious). I generally stay away from projects who has a great idea, but in substance nothing ready yet. In this case, anyway, several well-known devs of other projects talked well of Cosmos potential and development, so I finally decided to join Cosmos ICO.


Like you can see in the video, Cosmos is not a token, is a Network. It plans to be the exchange of the future, providing secure and fast transaction on the same and on different blockchain. The official token of Cosmos Network is “Atom” (i received something like 7000 Atom for 0.7 Bitcoin), and still, there is no secure info about what exchange will offer Atom trading.


That’s all for now, I’ll be back during the next days with something more specific about Cosmos Network technologies. For now, you can feel lucky if you had the chance to join the ICO, I’m quite sure this mysterious token will do its part on the markets.


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