How to buy Bitcoin Online With Credit Card

How to buy Bitcoin Online With Credit Cards?

During the past days, I received several emails including the same question: ‘How can I easily buy Bitcoin Online/What platform do you suggest?’

This could seem a “noob” question, but for newcomers could be hard to understand how correctly join the bitcoin world.

So I decided to make some tests, to find the most reliable service. Please note that if i test a service and everything went smoothly it doesn’t mean that the service is perfect: if you find trobles using a listed service feel free to submit a comment.

In this post, I’ll list the best online services where you can buy Bitcoin using your credit card.

In general, to buy Bitcoin online you send your fiat currency (euros, dollars etc.) to your account on an online exchange. Using this service you can easily change your fiat currency into Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc. Keep in mind that several currencies can be bought only using Bitcoin (example: on Kraken exchange, you can buy Ripple Coin only using Bitcoin, not directly with euro/dollar).

DISCLAIMER: Every service was tested before being listed here. We will add new service available as they are successfully tested (successfully tested = no problem during registration, no problem buying bitcoins/altcoins, no problem withdrawals

Now let see what are the best and most reliable services out there:

Services to buy Bitcoin using Credit Cards

If you try to google “how to buy bitcoin with credit cards” you could find tons of services available. In this section, you’ll find tested service where you can buy Bitcoin or other alt currency in minutes directly with credit cards. Every service was tested before, so you can use them confidentially. To go to the service just click on service’ name or using the link provided. If you have trouble using some of the following service feel free to submit a comment. You can use comments to suggest new service to test too.


coin base

  • Web Address: Coinbase.com
  • Fees: the fees are calculated according to your country. We suggest taking a look at coinbase fee page.
  • Pros: Is the most famous and safe service to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you register a new account using this link you can have 10$ back  after your first purchase
  • Cons: To be safe and secure like it is, Coinbase.com need some info from you. The registration process could be quite long, and not indicated if you need Bitcoin asap. Some users reports problems during verification process – if you can’t verify your account you can’t buy or sell your coins, this make Coinbase useless.
  • Rating: 8/10



  • Web Address: Coinmama.com
  • Fees: There is a market fee of 7.85% already added to Bitcoin Price. This means that the price that you see on Coinmama.com has the fee already included. For credit card transactions, Coinmama processor charges 5% additional fee (minimum 10 USD). This fee will be added after choosing your method of payment.
  • Pros: fast service, during our test we successfully buy Bitcoin in 6 minutes.
  • Cons: Israel Based service – some credit cards may not work. Quite high fees
  • Rating: 6,5/10


VirWoX (Virtual World Exchange) 

virwox logo

  • Web Address: virwox.com
  • Fees: VirWoX accepts many payment ways, in our case, if you want to pay using a credit card, VirWoX charges 0.39€ + 3,4%. Due to the large number of deposit available, we suggest you take a look at VirWoX’ page fees.
  • Pros: fast service, never had particular downtime, and the registration process is fast and simple. On VirWoX you can buy cryptocurrencies and trade them directly.
  • Cons: –
  • Rating: 8,5/10



  • Web Address: localbitcoins.com
  • Fees: Localbitcoins.com is one of the best sites to buy Bitcoin online and in person. For who buy, Localbitcoin IS COMPLETELY FREE (only who sell Bitcoin pay 1% of fees). On Localbitcoins.com, you don’t buy bitcoin from the website, but you buy Bitcoin from another user. You don’t have to worry about scam, couse Localbitcoins.com hold Bitcoin until the buyer (YOU) confirm that the purchase is completed. You just have to go to the website, register an account (very fast process), select your country and/or the payment method, and then choose from who buy bitcoins.
  • Pros: It literally permits tons of different payments methods. The prices are set by users, so you can find very good prices. It allows you to buy Bitcoin in person using cash too.
  • Cons: The fact that the price is set by users means that it can be very high! Always pay attention to don’t release escrow before the order is completed: after the order is finalized, nobody can help you in case of trouble.
  • Rating: 9/10



  • Web Address: www.bitpanda.com
  • Fees: depends on payment method chosen.
  • Pros: During our test, we bought some fraction of Bitcoin on Bitpanda with no issue, and pretty fast.
  • Cons: Several users report bad/no costumers care and problems with SMS verification. Honestly we haven’t noticed
  • Rating: 6/10


Like already said, there are many others good service, we will list any other service successfully tested.

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  • Derrick Alwood says:

    can you explain to me I am a newbie, I have 90us dollar in my Virwox account and made an order for the equivalent of Bitcoin but they are telling I do not have enough fund in my account

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